The present terms and agreements (hereinafter referred to as the "Agreement") have been estabilished by the Administration of AdTeam (hereinafter referred to as the "Administration"), the website of which is available on the Internet at (hereinafter referred to as the "Service" and the "Website"), and applies to all Users of the Service (hereinafter referred to as the "Users").

Use of the Service means unconditional agreement of the User with the present Agreement; in case of disagreement, the User should refrain from using the Service.

  1. Basic terms

    • Administration – company AdTeam LLC;
    • Profile – section of the AdTeam website that is closed to public access and allows Publisher and Advertiser to view and manage their advertising campaigns, pages, spaces and settlements;
    • Account – a set of instruments (services) provided by the Service to a User for Account management;
    • Service – administration of AdTeam project, its officers and services;
    • Advertiser - a person acquiring the features of the Service;
    • Publisher - a person providing services of broadcasting ad blocks of the Service;
    • User - any person using the Service or its Website;
    • Visitor – an individual that uses Website;
    • Click – linking to the website through advertising materials;
    • Demonstration – broadcast of advertising to the Visitor on the website of Publisher;
    • Advertising space - an online resource (website) with its own content and address;
    • Advertising website - an online resource of the Advertiser to which advertising materials are leading;
    • Promotional page - a special page of the website to which User is directed to after clicking on advertising materials;
    • Content – resources of a website;
    • Promotional code - a program code that provides display of ad blocks;
    • Fraud - deliberate or artificial (often using software) increase of Clicks and/or Demonstrations;
    • ID - unique identifier of an advertising space in the database of the Service.
  2. Subject of the Agreement

    1. This Agreement governs relationships between Publishers, the Service and Advertisers. Publisher places advertising code of the Service or uses advertising links of the Service in order to attract Visitors to the advertising websites of Advertisers. If Visitor performs required actions (clicks), Advertiser shall pay an agreed fee to the Service. Fee shall be transferred to Publisher by the Service after deduction of its commission.
  3. The Rights and Obligations of the Parties

    1. The Service has the right to:
      • collect personal information of the Users of the Service in accordance to the Privacy Policy of the Service;
      • suspend the provision of services or restrict access to the Service in case of violation of the terms of the present Agreement;
      • maintain a register of violators and provide access to it to third parties;
      • block the account of the violator of the present Agreement without making any payments;
      • request an access to User’s website independent statistics system;
      • refuse to provide any information to User without order of the competent authorities;
      • modify or amend this Agreement without prior notice to the Users;
      • audit promotional materials used on the websites of the Publisher;
      • use own resources for the design of promotional materials using art and visual elements of the Advertiser’s website;
      • broadcast own promotional materials in accordance to the main principles of advertising campaigns within Service’s system;
      • preliminarily check Advertising spaces for compliance with the requirements of the Service, including requirements to the legitimacy of use of advertising space by a Publisher, the Service has the right to request the documents confirming legitimacy of such use.
    2. The Service shall:
      • provide the Users with 24/7 access to the website of the Service;
      • make timely payments to Publishers in accordance with the internal regulations of the Service;
      • provide services of placement of Advertiser’s ad blocks on websites of Publishers in order to attract Visitors to the resources of Advertiser;
      • undertake all sorts of activities for the analysis of traffic quality, search for Publishers acting in a bad faith and their blockage;
      • update and expand the technical capabilities and the functionality of the Service;
      • respond to messages and notify Users in accordance with the internal regulations of the Service.
    3. The Advertiser has the right to:
      • request information about traffic sources (information is limited to ID-numbers);
      • block unacceptable traffic sources;
      • provide the Service with promotional materials for broadcast on websites of Publishers as part of Advertiser’s advertising campaign conduct;
      • control and manage the use of promotional materials as part of advertising campaign conduct.
    4. The Advertiser shall:
      • ensure the compliance of the content of promotional materials with the requirements of the Service, provide advertising materials that comply with current legislation of the Russian Federation or any other applicable legislation;
      • timely make full payments for provided services in accordance with the statistics of the Service;
      • not use technological tools to deceive Users, replace links and content;
    5. The Publisher has the right to:
      • receive payment for rendered services in accordance with the internal regulations of the Service and/or terms of the separate agreement with the Service;
      • request information about rejection or blocking of a traffic source;
      • solicit rehabilitation of a blocked traffic source;
      • unilaterally stop using the Service with prior notice to the Service;
      • set demonstration of mobile formats in settings on his own in his Account. Publisher acknowledges that Service purchases all hid traffic. Mobile advertising that is in rotation at the moment of connection to the Service shall be placed within mobile traffic.
    6. The Publisher shall:
      • ensure the compliance of the content of its advertising spaces with the requirements of the Service;
      • timely request payments in accordance with the internal regulations of the Service;
      • not make any changes to the promotional codes of the Service;
      • not use technological tools to deceive the Service;
      • not induce or reward Visitors for clicking advertising materials or performing any other favorable action;
      • inform the Service about all technical issues related to the access to the advertising space;
      • create no more than one account;
      • confirm that he is the legitimate owner of an advertising space or has the right to use it;
      • not use sources of purchased traffic (ad networks, services for website promotion). In case of violation of the present terms, the Service has the right to suspend cooperation with Publisher without notice and without payout of any funds.
  4. Terms of payment

    1. Advertisers obliges to make payments on time and in full amount;
    2. Services can be paid on terms of advance payment (deposit to the Account balance) or post payment (in accordance to the issued invoice). Funds are automatically debited from the Advertiser’s account upon performance of favorable actions by the Visitors (for example clicking on Advertising materials).In case of lack of funds on the Advertiser’s balance provision of the service may be suspended until replenishing of balance.
    3. The Service makes payments upon payout request formed by Publisher in his Account in accordance with internal regulations of the Service and/or terms of a separate agreement with Publisher. Any actions performed with the use of password of Publisher in his account shall be deemed to be performed by the Publisher. Reporting period is calendar month. By default payout request shall be formed on the 1st day of the month following the reporting month. User has the right disable this function and form the request at any time. Payouts shall be made within 14 business days from the acceptance of the request unless otherwise provided in the agreement.
  5. Liability of the Parties

    1. In case of placement or use of information that is restricted or prohibited by federal law, violation of copyright and other rights protected by the law, the User shall bear full responsibility for such actions.
  6. Disclaimer

    1. The Service shall not bear any responsibility for the mismatch of the services to the expectations of the User.
    2. Any settlements with Users shall be made only in accordance to the statistics of the Service. Statistics of other third party services shall not be accepted as a source of information for calculation of amount and price of rendered services.
    3. The Service performs basic review of advertising spaces for compliance with requirements of the Service and safety to the Users using antivirus databases as well as open third party databases. However, the Users and/or Visitors shall be liable for its own safety.
    4. In case Force majeure (natural disasters, military actions, etc.), the Service shall be released from the obligations specified in paragraph 3.2.
  7. Term of the Agreement

    • This Agreement shall come into force once the User has logged in on the Website of the Service and shall be valid for an indefinite period.
    • The Administration has the right to unilaterally change the provisions of the Agreement without prior notice to the Users.
    • The valid version of the Agreement is available on .